Tukad Cepung Waterfall, A Trully Hidden Gem to Visit

tukad cepung waterfall

Although it is not as popular as Tegenungan, Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a trully hidden gem you should visit in Bali. Located in north-east Ubud, around 30 kilometers, people can surely witness a rare but beautiful view they shouldn’t be missed. It is one of kind.

water itself become one of the most picked options when it comes to travel destinations. Truthfully, it is a perfect way to calm down yourself from all hecticness and crowded you’ve been through in a daily busy schedule.

The location of this destiantion is quite easy to reach by motorbike, around two hours. You can also alternatively book a private local driver or a one-day tour with a trusted travel agency. However, picking the right agency sometimes can be trickly. Instead, you can try Okay Bali Tour which offers extraodinary service you can customize your need.

What It Really Is?

As the new destination with natural attraction, Tukad Cepung Waterfall still holds the best virgin waterfall around Bali. Truthfull, not all people know this hidden gem due to its lack of commercial tourist spots.

However, everything has been well-maintained by locals. Some will contribute to explain everything to the visitors who come there. This Bali tour uniqueness is different. with the location in mid-high cliffs, the water plunges slightly, entering the coincided cliffs one another.

Tukad itself means river, while Chepung come from the Balinese signifying flow. It has surely mesmerized vistors with well-guarded cliffs that complicate the journey to get there. Tha’s why it is important to pick a trusted travel tour agency to help you out of this hardship.

What to Expect?

Visiting Tukad Cepung Waterfall is quite cheap due to its local-managed system. All visitors will be charged 10,000 IDR each, both for foreigners and domestics. It depends on you if you want to give more tips because all are well-maintened by locals.

However, make sure come there in your best condition. Traveler should pave hundreds of stairs, but it worth trying. The circular cliffs around will give the sensation of staying in a cave with open sky from the waterfall imerges. Surely, it turns out as the most enchanting view.

It creates a likely rainbow that seems projected to you. Unlike the other, water doesn’t flow into a stream, jungle, or river. Instead, it flows down the cliffs gently. You ca see the river fromabove but to enjoy the waterfall view in Bali tour, you need to walk down into the cliff first.

Visitors can go there anytime, but not during the rainy season. Because the water gets compiled within cliffs, it bring a stonger stream. However, people can freely go there during another season, it offers an immense sense of tranquility and peace.

Don’t forget to bring bathing suits because you’ll most surely be tempted to go inside the water. Since all is well-maintened, you can find a clean surrounding area. To make everything meaningful, just try to relax while listening to the water flowing and enjoying a beautiful rainbow from the sunlight.

Luckily, it is not too popular so not many people come every day. However, going there will be more plesant if you’ve book a travel agency or tour operator. Not just visiting Tukad Cepung Waterfall, you can request near destination too, like Pura Dalem Penida Kelod or Ratu Gede Pancering Jagat.

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