Tips Visiting Tibumana Waterfall That You Should Know

Tibumana waterfall

Tibumana waterfall is one of the favorite destinations in Ubud, it only take 30 minutes to ride away from the bustle of Ubud. it seems like a quite oasis you can find to calm down your self in the midle of the jungle. It can be accessed from Tukad Cepung Waterfall or Canggu.

To get there easy, visitors of Bali tour should rent scooter which charge from IDR 50.000 rupiah a day. However, if you have no idea about the route, renting it involves th rider will be better, of course, you’ll charged more, around 500.000 IDR a day.

To ensure you can go everywhere safely without worrying about anything, you also can book a trusted tour service. It seems tricky, but when finding the best agency, it’ll truly help a lot. Okay Bali Tour is one of the best tour service providers you can contact anytime evcen, you can customize the tour package based on your budgets and needs.

An overview

Tibumana comes from the balinese word ‘tibu’ which implier a plunge pool or deep riverbed. The view there is so satisfying with an extensively deep plunge pool and cliffs surounding overgrown with moss and greenery. Thanks to its isolated location making it sound mediocre but worth it.

For some people, Tibumana Waterfall surely is incredible and amazing with its firsthand elegance and beauty. It feels like you’re throwing back memories of Bali 20 years ago. Getting the more inside the location, you’ll see th changes of the view to green and greener.

Prepare yourself by bringing extra clothes, you’ll need it. It is quite difficult not to be tempted to go in the waterand reinvigorate your sense. Diving is not a wise option due to its deep that no more than 6 feet. You better stand underneath and let the water preassure your pains and stresess.

Tips to Visit Tibumana Waterfall

Getting to this destination without swimming and taking photos will make you regreat that. If taking photos is being your main intention, be sure to come early to have it empty. 7AM -8 Am is quite perfect to enjoy this hidden gem alone. Along with that, you can try this tips below;

  1. Pay more additional fees to rent a locker where you can keep your stuff while swimming. It costs only 5,000 IDR, while the entrance fee is 15,000 IDR per person, so visitors will no be burdened with high accommodations costs.
  2. For your own safety in Bali tour, please take a look at the warning sign advising some things visitors shouldn’t do. You still can swim but it is better to avoid the underneath due to the branches or rocks that might fall.
  3. Like what nature’s destinations required, leave only footprints. Put everything you don’t need into bins located there. Locals hardly manage this place looks good and clean, be sure you do.

To get more exciting experiences without getting the stress of anything, it will be better to pick the best tour services out there. Wheter you are in a group or solo traveler, it is savvier than manage everything alone. You can also request other destinations near Tibumana waterfall.

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