Rice Terrace Tegallalang, the Ultimate Tips Before You Going There

Tegallalang rice terrace

Visiting Bali won’t be complate without stopping by its georgeous Rice Terrace Tegallalang. It is quite popular as the main shot in bali where visitors should go to enjoy the lush green with a wonderful view of terraced rice fields.

Of course, being one of the most visited destinations in Ubud make this place should be included in your itinerary. You have probably seen it through numerous photos on instagram or other. Although being famous for the beautiful scene and innovative irrigation sytem, it is still worth visiting there.

It offers a scenic outlook from your location to the faraway of the valley. Its high roadside position is quite brezzy and cool where so many people take photos from there. Some prefer to look for numerous cafes and kiosks near the ledge. You can surely get a better experience and less crowded journey if you know the basic tips.

The Ultimate Tips to Visit Rice Terrace Tegallalang

With its dramatic scenary and easy accomodation, people can get there without any difficulties. Even you can enjoy the journey by looking at the beautiful vista sprawls down across the valley. The road is pretty easy to reach using your own car. Or, just ask for accommodation from the hotel to drive you there.

  1. Bring small change

When arriving, you can follow the main path to the to the fields, to get there, you will be charge by locals that ask for a donations for entering the paddies Bali tour. It is not an official entry fee. You don’t have to pay if getting there before the locals. However, it doesn’t cost too much, better topay a small charge as a donation for their livelihood.

2. Visit early

As a tropical city, the wheather in Bali can be so hot and humid. For that reason, it attracts foreigners more. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and heat, it is better to come early so that your tour will be more confortable.

3. Bring your own snacks and drinks

Generally, you can find so many cafes ans shops alongthe main road. But, when arriving at the field, what do you expect? Of course, once you get there, no services available. Although sometimes local elders give the visitors green coconut drinks, but better to prepare for everything.

Other Destinations Near Rice Terrace Tegallalang

Visiting Tegallalang will be perefect way to love nature Bali tour. You can also can get perfect photos to upload. If you have no intention to spend your time at Tegallalang only, just go somewhere near to it.

4. Pura Tirta Empul, an amzing temple near Ubud where you can dunk yourself under the water fountains. every fountain has its own sign of different blessings.

5. Pyramids of chi, a totally different sound healing experience in a large pyramid tent.

6. Pengempu waterfall, the closest waterfalls to Tegallalang.

Mostly, some tour providers offer full packages with numerous options of destinations, like in Okay Bali Tour. As a trusted service, it provides several packages reasonable prices. Even, for any circumstances, visitors can request and custom their own trips.

If you are wondering about te felling of a quite but meaningful vacations, it will be the best place to go. Don’t worry to get starving because you can easily find some restaurants and cafes around there. To make everything easier, it will be great if you book an agent or tour provider before getting Rice Terrace Tegallalang.

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