Rental Car Bali with driver and requirements

A rental car Bali with driver service is so popular right now. It just like a complete package which offers all the easinessand confort. You don’t need to drive the car. All things that need to do is sitting and enjoy the trip.

Since it is a rental system, you have to know several crucial points. Usually, each company has its own terms and condition. They will inform the things on their official website or blog. That is why; you have to read first.

It is imfortant to know that. The aim is avoid further misunderstanding in the ficture. Besides that, knowing the detail facilities can be really helpful in choosing the right service based on the needs. below is the information.

Common Terms and Condition

Actually that is based on the service that you choose. Those are the self-drive or with a Bali driver. In this article The information about renting with a driver will be explained more. There are several things that must be know.

The first is about the duration. A rental agent may apply a different rule for it. However, usually, the duration is varied from ten up to twelve hours for the cost that you paid. If someone rents it more than the time, he must pay the extra cost.

That overtime fee is charged per hour. The amount has stated clearly on the website. It is not expensive. However, if you use the car less than the full duration, there is no refund for this case. Can be it added to the next day?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The remaining time is unable to be added for the next day. Furthermore, don’t forget to fill the information box when you requested something. It is especially, about the pickup and drops off locations. that is so important.

Inform If You Change Anything

It is informed before that you must write or fill in the information of the location. That is related to the drop-off and pi-up area. If you changed it suddenly, usually there will be a special charge for it, especially if it is far away.

If there any changes, it is better to tell the agency. Besides the location, it is also about the date, pick up time and so on. That is assential to avoid any mistakes and misunderstandings in the fircture. The rental cost is included some facilitries:

Those are like the fuel and so on. It is especially for you who choose the car rental plus Bali driver service. Some special requests such as baby car seats depending on the availability. Make sure to ask and discuss it before.

Besides that, please ensure that you are having a good attitude during the journey and when ordering the service. A company has a right to refuse any client who show a bad attitude, violence, and other criminal actions.

Choose the Right Car

It is for sure that a rental company has so many kinds of cars to rent. Those are like the city type, minibur, crossover, bus, up to the luxirious ones. The client can choose based on the needs. However, make sure to remember one thing.

You have to suit the capacity of the car. The example is if you come with your family for about 3 or 5 people. Choosing the crossover or city vehicle is better. Meanwhile, for 6-10 people is more recommended to rent a minibus.

Renting a bus for a huge group is included in the rent for a Bali driver as well. For your information, a company can refuse an order if the number of passangers is more than the capacity of a car. that is quite responsible.

An example is if you come with 10 adults and choose the city car. It is not the right thing to do where that may break the vehicle. Furthermore, it also against the law. For this case, a rental company may not accept the request.

Common Pick Up Locations

A rental agency always inform the areas where they may pick up the client. The places could be different between a company and others. That is why; it is better for you to ask it their customer service staffs by phone.

It is better for doing it before making a booking. That will give clear information so that you can feel so confartable when arriving in Bali. The common pick up areas are like the Airport, Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Nusa dua, and more.

Other places are like the north Jimbaran, Denpasar, Ubud, and Sanur. Those areas are choosen since they are quite famous among the tourists. Usually, they stay there. Meanwhile, the Airport is a vitallocation as well where people mostly come to Bali by plane.

So, how about the other areas not listed there? For that, you may call and contact the company. Please ensure to ask about the availability and also pricing. It is because several prices are not valid during the trip there.

What are the Valid Prices?

That is an important question that needs to answer. Usually, the prices are valid for visiting several common attractions. The examples are like in the South Bali such as Jimbaran, Kuta, Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu.

The valid prices is also for some places in Cental Bali. Those are like in Kintamani, Ubud, Padang Bai, and Jatiluwih to see the amazing rice terrace there. Usually, there will be an additional charge if you want to visit other destinations.

The examples are in north and east Bali. For that additional charge, you may ask the company first. It is because the prices could be varied. However, don’t worry since it is still so affordable. Furthermore, you are able to make a special special request too.

To do so, just let the company know. they will help you to create one of the best itineraries ever in Bali. how about refundable for several case? A rental car Bli with driver may give it as long as it less than 10 hours.

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