Full Day Bali Car Charter with English-speaking Driver

Bali car charter

Bali private car charter is such a perfect option when you want to travel anywhere around the island without worrying about fuel or mileage. If you don’t want to drive the car yourself, there is always a chance to hire an English-speaking driver too!

It’s no secret that Bali has bunch of amazing tourist attractions. However, some of them are not possible to reachwithin walking distance from most popular hotels and acommodation area on this island. Then, a few of them are located in remote areas.

For this reason, chartering a private car make a wise option of all. This is especially ideal if the destinations you want to visit can not reached by public transportations. Read on to find out more about chartering a car in Bali.

Some Good Reason to Take Bali Private Charter into Account

Before chatering a car with a driver, you better know some good reasons to do so. In some cases, renting a private car is probably not for you while in many other conditions, it will be a perfect choise of all.

  1. A full-day trip

If you want to go for a full-day trip to several destinations within the island, it would be better to rent a car instad of taking public transportation. Public transportation can be crowded and you probably need to wait in the queue before taking one.

Compered to renting a car, taking public transportation will make your day trip less favorable. You may only visit one destination only in a day while taking the Bali car charter allows you to hope from one place to another more effectively.

2. Bali first timer

You probably want to go to one destination only, but if the trip take more than two hours by car, it will be better to have someone driving for you. This way you can have a rest both after and befor the trip.

Meanwhile, if it is your first time to Bali, chartering a car is indeed a better choise. You just need to tell your driver where do you want to go and don’t need to worry about navigation or parking space.

3. Shopping expeditions

In case you are interested in shopping expeditions, it would be awesome to take Bali private charter instead of taking public transportations or others. By renting a private car, you can simply store your shopping bags in the luggage space of the car.

This way, you can feel relief while shopping for home-wares, souvenirs, Balinese artworks, textiles, and many other unique things in Bali. Your driver may also recommend some good places to shop instaed to crowded shopping malls or supermarkets.

Why Chartering a Car is the Best Choice in Bali

Indeed , renting a private car is a great choice when you want to explore Bali, especially if the bove cases play a role. However, if you are thinking of venturing out locally or in a place that can be reached on foot, consider another alternative.

Bali private car charter is also a better option than renting a car and driving yourself. If you have been to Bali several times, attempting to drive in this island would be challenging. If not, hiring a local driver makes a lot more sense.

A local driver is supposed to know much better about every location you want to visit. Besides, they will know exactly how to handle the traffic in Bali. Once arriving at the destinations, they can figure out easily where to park the car too.

Thus, if you want to make your trip more hussle-free, convenient, time-efficient, and memorable, chartering a private car along with the driver is the best option to take. Just make sure you have found the right Bali car charter providers.

Moreover, you may need to understand at least the basic geography of Bali before asking your driver to bring you somewhere. Consider where you stay is and which attraction is reachable from your hotel without taking much time or cost.

Tips to Pick the Right Private Car Services in Bali

If you find it hard to pick the right provider for your Bali private car rental, the following information may help a bit. First of all, consider how much you should pay to reant a car along with the driver in Bali.

Every car rental service in Bali is not created equal, especially when it comes to service costs. You better know in advance if your Bali car charter will charge your perday or in a matter of hours.

Then, consider connecting with your driver using a chatting application. You can ask your driver if they have an application to text and call on their smartphone so that you will be able to contact them easily while taking their Bali private charter services.

Our Best Recommendation for Bali Private Car Rental

Now, you arledy know further about renting a car in Bali, the reasons, and some tips to get the most of it. In case you are still wondering which provider to choose, we on Okay Bali Tour offer you this proffesional service.

We provide a service called ‘ Rent a car with Driver’ to allow you charter a private car along with the driver. All of our drivers can speak English and are ready to give you helpful tour suggestions or recommend great places to visit when needed.

Moreover, we also make Bali car charter more convenient for you by offering pick-up and drop-off service at the airport as well as other popular areas around Bali such as Nusa dua, North jimbaran, Denpasar, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, seminyak, and Kuta.

We provide the best price deal for visiting popular attractions in southern and central areas of Bali such as Tanah lot, Uluwatu, Kintamani, Padangbai, and others. If you like to visit northern, western, or eastern parts of the island, kindly contact us for the pricing.

To sum up, there is nothing more perfect than exploring Bali with us. Simply check our official site for the best prices. Once you are ready, tell us where you’d like to go and our Bali private car charter service will deal with the rest.

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