Bali car rentals with driver
Bali car rentals with driver is a service that you can get on that island. Usually, it will be used by people who want to have a vacation there. Many customer agree that the fasility is considered the best one. Actually, it is not only for those who want to have a vacation but also for you who have a business or job to do in the island. Renting a...
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car rental in bali with driver
The car rental with driver in Bali information is an essential guide, especially for you who make this the fist experience. That kind of service could make everything is easier and more confortable. You are able to enjoy the holiday better. In this technology era, various information and services are offered in a sophisticated system. Due to that rental need, you may use the online order or booking offered by...
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Banyumala waterfall
Banyumala waterfall is for sure a paradise on earth. If you love the mezmerizing view and enjoy it at the same time, it is one of the best place there. This amazing location is located in the wanagiri village, Bulleleng. The destination is hidden. This waterfall is not known by too many tourist since it is located in the lush and green jungle. However, nowadays there are so many tour...
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Tibumana waterfall
Tibumana waterfall is one of the favorite destinations in Ubud, it only take 30 minutes to ride away from the bustle of Ubud. it seems like a quite oasis you can find to calm down your self in the midle of the jungle. It can be accessed from Tukad Cepung Waterfall or Canggu. To get there easy, visitors of Bali tour should rent scooter which charge from IDR 50.000 rupiah...
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Tirta Empul Temple
As one of the busiest and largest water temple around Indonesia, Tirta Empul Temple will always have visitors almost every day. Balinese Hindu has believed that this sacred spring was created by God Indra. It is possessed with some curative properties. This place was officially believed to built in 926 A.D. Some belive that it is dedicated to the God of water, Visnu. It consists of bathing structures or ‘petirtaan’...
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