The Excotic Banyumala Waterfall,A hidden Treasure in Bali

Banyumala waterfall

Banyumala waterfall is for sure a paradise on earth. If you love the mezmerizing view and enjoy it at the same time, it is one of the best place there. This amazing location is located in the wanagiri village, Bulleleng.

The destination is hidden. This waterfall is not known by too many tourist since it is located in the lush and green jungle. However, nowadays there are so many tour agencies in Bali that incluided this waterfall on its list.

The great thing is that this destination is juat as beautiful as other famous other waterfalls on the island such as the gitgit, Sekumpul, and more. Below are some reasons why you must come and visit the beautiful banyumala.

The Perfect Location of Banyumala

Banyumala waterfall is located at the base of a valley and it has three different sides. The middle part is the largest and also the deepest one. Besides, the smaller part is on the right and left the area.

Below this the amazing Banyumala, there is a natural pond with its clear and clean water, this is one of the reasons why this waterfall is so famous. Ususally, you are able to swim in that pond or even just play with water there.

when you are there, it is possible to see the base or bottom part of the pond because that area can be two meters deep in the middle. This Banyumala waterfall is totally everything. The fresh air and amazing nature is ready to amaze everyone.

Great Place for Photography

The diameter of this waterfall is not very wide which about 20 meters is. You will always feel happy and fun there. It really shows the soothing and peaceful nuance of nature. What rae perfect Bali tour to have.

The beauty of these waterfall formations is the main attraction. This place is also like a paradise for photographers. Various instagrammmable natural spots are available there. The road to reach this location is sometime quite difficult.

From the parking lot, you can continue to the guard post about 100 meters walking. Then, there is gurad post as a place to pay the admission. It is highly recommended to use the tour agency service to make your trip is confortable.

Best Travel Agent to acommpany You

The lush and green expanse of forest turns out to hold its own beauty. Near that nature, get prepare to see and enjoy the natural hidden waterfall. It is so mezmerizing . Make sure you choose the Okay Bali tour to accompany this trip.

It is one of the most professional travel agents in Bali with years experience and it is suitable for a family trip, gathering, group vacation, and more. Various cars and vehicles are available to be used. They are in great condition.

Licensed and professional drivers are also available. Besides that, this travel agent also provide tons of tour options to choose from whether it is half or full-day one. So, visit the Banyumala waterfall and pick the right service for you with this travel agent.

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