About Gate of Heaven and Lempuyang Temple in Bali

Everyone who has ever seen the picture Gate of Heaven Bali must be eager to visit this place as soon as possible. This mesmerizing tourist attraction can keep you in aw once witnessing the location by yourself.

However, before visisting this wonderful attraction, you better know about Gate of Heaven and everything related to this place. The Gate of Heaven itself is one of the most picturescque spots in the area of Lempuyang Temple.

Thus, in addition to this wonderful gate, you can aticipate other awesome spots around the Lempuyang Temple as well. The following information will help you learn further about this tourist attraction and the best way to visit it.

Brief History of Gate of Heaven Bali and the Location

Let’s start with the history of Lempuyang Temple. Also known as Pura Penatara Agung Lempuyang, this Temple is considered as one of the most important temples in Bali. it is included in the Sad Kahyangan jagad that is deemed as the pillars of Bali.

In English, the phrase ‘ Sad Kahyangan Jagad’ refers to ‘Place of God’. Aside from Lempuyang Temple, five other temple are part of the pillars including Pura Uluwatu, Pura Goa Lawah, Pura Besakih, Pura Pusering Jagad, dan Pura Batukaru.

Lempuyang Temple itself is located on Mount Lempuyang and it is the highest among other temples around this mountain. Meanwhile, this group of temple is believed as the holiest place of worship on this island.

If you visit the Gate of Heaven Bali, the locals may tell you that these pillars of Bali are meant to offer spiritual balance on the island. Every templke in the Pura Kahyangan even represents each of the eight cardinal directions.

For instance, Pura Lempuyang Luhur marks the east direction and the white color. This direction is commonly linked to the domain of the Balinese god named is Iswara. Lempuyang Temple itself is situated in one of the villages in Krangasem Regency, Bali.

Pura Lempuyang Temple is made up of seven temples with the biggest and grandest one is situted at the top. From the nearest city, Amlapura, the temple is around 22 km. If you are venturing around Taman Tirtagangga, the temple is nortward from your location.

When to visit and How to Reach the Gate of Heaven

Then, how can we get to Gate of Heaven Bali? Luckily, this tourist dstination can be easely accsessed from any location troughout the island. If you come to Bali through Ngurah Rai International Airport, Lempuyang Temple is located 90 minutes by Car.

Meanwhile, if you curently stay in Kuta, seminyak, Jimbaran, or Nusa Dua area, it will take around two to three hours to get into this sacred temple. Considering the busy traffic in several areas of this regions, the estimated time of arrival will vary.

You can drive to the east from Ubud via jalan Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus if you’re around this area. You may drive for 2 hours and 30 minutes to arrive to aarive at this attraction. However, you can not find any public transportation to reach the Lempuyang Temple.

That’s why finding the Bali gate of Heaven tour is highly recommended if you want to visit this wonderful attraction. With realiable tour, you will be able to discover this temple in no time and find it more convenient than ever.

By joining a tour, you may gain more chances to discover other popular place around the Gate of Heaven as well such as Taman Ujung Water Palace, Tirta Gangga, Candi Dasa, and many more. Just make sure you join the right tour service for the best.

Then, the best time to have a trip to Lempuyang Temple is during the day or before the sunset since the view will be outstandingly beautiful. If possible, you should consider visiting the Gate of Heaven Bali during the sunrise for a more breathaking picture.

Thing to Keep in Mind before Visiting Lempuyang Temple

Before getting ready to visit Pura Lempuyang Temple, you better know that several rules are requireto be practiced. Just like visiting other temples in Bali, neither-women nor men should wear a sarong, sash tied, or scarf around their waist.

  1. Wear sarongs

When going into the Temple complex, make sure you have cover your bare shoulders and kness. Since Pura Lempuyang is a highly relegious and sacred Hindu temple in Bali. remeber that kissing in public can be considered scandalous here.

2. Take picture wisely

Of course, every spot of the temple complex is picturesque, but you shouldn’t capture a photo directly in front of worshippers. Morever, when visiting the Gate of Heaven Bali, remember to not step over offerings that are locally called canang sari.

These offerings are typically left on the ground around the temple. They can be a small box made from a palm leaves and are filled with snacks, money, or flower petals. Since canang sari is to mollify the spirits, you should be careful when walking nearby.

3. Don’t visit when on period

A woman who is currently on period is prohibeted to enter Lempuyang Temple or any other temple complex in Bali. If you have a bledding wound or running sore, visiting this temple will be impossible as well.

Join the Best Tour Provider to Visit Gate of Heaven

So, are you ready for an unforgettable Bali Gate of Heaven tour? after reading the above information, you may not be able to wait anymore to witness all the beauties with your eyes. Fortunately, a reliable trip provider like Okay Bali Tour is always there.

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Aside from a trip to blue Lagoon, you can also combine your vacation to Gate of Heaven with a waterfall tour around the area. Similar to Gate of Hevaen Bali, tour to Balinese waterfalls is supposed to be mesmerizing as well.

To conclude, with a tour provider, visiting these amazing places will feel like a breeze. simply pick where to visit and your trip provider will arrange everything for you. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the Bali Gate of Heaven Tour.

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