All Inclusive : Bali Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach

Those who want to experience the most of Bali snorkeling must visit Blue Lagoon beach for sure. This attraction has beem kmown as the hidden gem in the island, especilally snorkelers that are ready for a new experience.

Located in East Bali, Blue Lagoon beach is often referred to an underwater paradise in the island. It offer warm, inviting water that is filled with ambundant marine life. You can find this beach in the northeast of the famous Padangbai beach.

The beach is surrounded by green and rocky hills that make it even more visually pleasing. You can find also a great sunbathing spot around the seashore or walk a bit to the edge of the beach after snorkeling to do so.

Bali snorkeling at Blue Lagoon will be more memorable if you spend some time enjoying the warm sunny day of the island. simply opt for a space in the edge of the beach that is lined with palm trees to enjoy sunbathing.

The Most Memorable Bali Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach

Before anything else, it would be better for you to learn further about this little beach in Bali. Despite its small presence, Blue Lagoon beach has a higly exotic panorama that is woth visiting like other wide beaches in Bali.

This white sand beach is situated under the north canyon of Silayukti Temple and has gentle waves that make it ideal for snorkeling. Nowadays, Blue Lagoon is facilitated with international standard restaurants, hotels, and, spa centers for you interest.

If you have ever visited the village of Padangbai in Karangasem Regency, the beach is located around the area. you can reach Blue Lagoon beach from Padangbai port for 5 minutes only or a half and hour by car from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Thanks to its clean water, Blue Lagoon snorkeling will be exciting. You can see a lot of fish and coral close by the shore, making it ideal to simply do swimming or capturing underwater photographs. You can rent the equipment at the beach too!

to explore the underwater beauty of Blue Lagoon, you can find a simply a nearby rental service to get your equipment ready. If you are visiting the beach with a tour, your tour service may have handled this issue for your convenience.

While snorkeling, you can expect to see angel fish, moral eels, cow fish, and cuttle fish. During your exploration, there can be a school of black fish with spanner-like tails. There is even a fish with fascinating leopard-print skin.

How to Get Into Balu Lagoon Beach for Snorkeling

Getting into Blue Lagoon beach and enjoying the most of this Bali snorkeling is not difficult at all. The beach is accessible from any area round the island as long as you are from the southern part of Bali such as Seminyak, Jimbaran, and Kuta.

You can drive via Jalan Bay Pass Ida Bagus mantra to the east to reach Padangbai within 1-2 hours. Then, to get to Blue Lagoon beach, point the vehicle to the Padangbai Port and you will find a reliable signage that leads to the beach.

If you are first timer in Bali and don’t want to drive by yourself, looking for a reliable tour service will be a better idea. This way you don’t need to get confused about how to get to this amazing beach or another.

Besides, your tour service may offer more than just Blue Lagoon snorkeling. In addition to visiting the beach, you can visit other attractions nearby. This is indeed possible since your tour service know excatly a recommended place to visit a close by.

Upon arriving at Blue Lagoon beach, you might get amazed by the visual of this beach. Since there is no public transportation around the beach, going there with a tour is the best option. You can opt for a day trip tour for the best.

In case your trip service doesn,t accommodate snorkeling equipment, you can rent it for IDR 100.000 to IDR 150.000 each person. The price may vary once you get there, but most of the time the rental fee is around the said range.

What You can Expect to See at Blue Lagoon

Then, what can we expect at Blue Lagoon beach excatly? Once tourists are interested in Bali snorkeling at Balue Lagoon, don’t hesitate to anticipate something amazing waiting for you. First of all, expect its unique mix of black and golden volcanic sand.

Framing the bay is craggy black lava stones that creat tiny but fascinating rock pools. You can find small crabs and creatures around the area. Meanwhile, the surrounding cliffs are nearly covered by a camouflage of thorny pear cactus.

Moreover, you can expect shallow and no flow at Blue Lagoon beach. You don’t need to swim so deep to enjoy some beautiful coral reef that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Starfish and other tropical fish can also be seen here.

Blue Lagoon snorkeling also allows you to see sea eels, octopuses, Napoleaon fish, and reef sharks. This selection of underwater interests is the one that makes the beach popular. Many tourist have dedicated their time to visit Blue Lagoon.

Tourist can enjoy various diving activities as well as shooting underwater biota. You can even find a lot of fishing boats lined up tidily at the beach. Aside from fishing, the boat is available for rent if you want to dive in the sea.

The Best Day Trip for Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

Now, are you interested in visiting Blue Lagoon for a memorable snorkeling in Bali? To make of the most your time here, consider finding a trusted day trip service in Bali instead of getting there yourself.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place since we offer the best package for Bali snorkeling at Blue Lagoon. For the finest experience and an unfforgetable moment in Bali, we even combine a day trip at Blue Lagoon with a tour to Gate of Heaven.

Without a doubt, a tour service that we offer on Okay Bali Tour will make everything easy for you. You just needto wait in your hotel and there will be someone picking you up for fun snorkeling at Blue Lagoon.

Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon beach is supposed to be amazing considering how beautiful the surrounding area and the variety of biota in the water are. So, don’t hesiate to use our tour service for an unfforgetable Bali snorkeling experience.

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